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Dr. Wanjema Gachathi

Remedy Medical Center 


Services Offered:- 

1. Orthopedic and trauma consultancy services

2. Orthopaedic implants and appliances


Specializing in

Consultant General, Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgeon

(Based at Jalaram and St. Joseph Rift Valley Hospital)

 Diagnostic Services 

1 General Surgical Consultation

2 OGD (Endoscopy)

3. Endoscopic biopsy

4-. Diagnostic colonoscopy

5. Trucut biopsy of masses 

Treatment Services 

1. Stenting for Esophageal Cancer

2. Esophageal dilation for benign esophageal strictures

3. Banding for bleeding varices

4. Injection sclerotherapy for varices and varicose veins

5. Control of bleeding duodenal and gastric ulcers

6. Encloscopic polypectomy

7. Colonoscopy and polypectomy 

High-resolution digital photographs offered free in addition to every case done

Sedation offered for patient comfort

All procedures are day cases.


M.B. Ch.B.,M.MED (SURG.) FCS (ECSA) Consultant Surgeon 

P.O. Box 3974-20100 NAKURU-KENYA

Tel:- 0733-703312

e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Makanga Wachira


Consultant General Surgeon 



Dr. David K. Kimani

M.B.Ch B, M.Med. (Surg) Nbi Urology and Ran, Transplantation (India) Consullint Carrel 

 We Offer :

  1. Kidney Transplant Surgery
  2. Stone Surgery
  3. Prostate Treatment
  4. Bladder Cancer Treatment
  5. Erectile Dysfunction and Male infertility
  6. General Urological services




Dr. Wachira P. Karigu

General Surgeon & GI Endoscopist. 



  • Upper GIT Endoscopy (OGD)
  • Colonoscopy
  • Polypectomy
  • Haemorrhoidal  Banding
  • Oesophageal  stenting
  • Surgical consultancy


Dr. Joshua N. Ondari

MBCh.B, Mmed, Ortho (Nrb), FCS Ortho (ECSA), SICOT (Dip), Spine (S.A), C.F T & O / Arthropiury (UK)
Consultant Orthopaedic and spine Surgeon Nakuru County Hospital 



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